Marlfield News 13.11.17

by admin on 13/11/2017


The sight of concrete being poured and levelled on the footpath extension from the Cahir Road Roundabout for a hundred meters towards the footpath from Patricks Well cross gives all walkers and road users heart. We are hopeful that the gap can be closed in next year’s work programme and look forward to increased pressure from our local co councillors to deliver this long awaited safety measure.

Steady Progress

The unsung heroes are back in action as they tidy, clean and trim and remove the debris from the storm. We have a new Tus worker Vincent Kelly on the Village work programme and he is making steady inroads to the leaf  mountains down the Pond-side. Vincent has a mountainous task ahead of him but with a determination he will prevail.

The Tinsley Entrance

The William Tinsley designed entrance with its twin Doric Lodges has had a full make over by the Mulcahy Construction firm and they have done a master job of work. The repairs to the stone work are excellent and all the refurbishment is of top standard and a fine display of craftsmanship. The repairs to the roadways and general tidy up will be to the village benefit in next year’s tidy town’s competition. This was a win win for our fair village.

The newly refurbished William Tinsley designed Doric lodges

Tree Planting

This is a perfect time for tree planting and the village have a number of trees to plant ASAP. The replacement red white thorn in the circular bed in the Marlfield Estate main entrance is one of the first to be attended to. This will require digging through the hard old entrance surface to ensure the roots get a good grip into the ground for stability. We think this is what happened the previous tree when it appeared to break off in windy weather some time ago.



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