Statement from Deputy Michael Lowry – Department of Justice

by admin on 27/11/2017

I don’t anticipate an Election.  I have always felt that sanity would prevail.   Minister Frances Fitzgerald is not the problem and should not be the target.  For many years the Department of Justice has tried to function as a remote entity to Government and the Minister of the day. 

The Political establishment should avail of this opportunity to come together and make decisions to restructure the administration of the Department of Justice.   It should redefine its practices and procedures.  It needs to change the attitude, approach, mentality and culture of the Department.

It’s obvious that the Minister has been getting misleading and incomplete information.  That is why the Taoiseach has had to correct the Dáil record.  It’s simply outrageous and unacceptable to be getting that quality of response and service from the Department of Justice.  The Minister and Government have to rely on officials for full and accurate information.

It is inconceivable that we would have an election in the middle of the Brexit negotiations.  The outcome of Brexit is one of the most significant decisions in the history of the State.  The Taoiseach and Government Ministers should not be distracted in the middle of performing a vital national duty.  The Leaders of our European partners are bewildered as to why we would even contemplate such a silly own goal.  The interests of the country and its people must and should be put ahead of Party political advantage.  There should be generosity of spirit on both sides of the current disagreement to enable a compromise solution.


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