157 schools in Tipperary to receive €733,727 for computer equipment – Cllr Michael Murphy

by admin on 12/02/2018

Some 157 schools in Tipperary will receive a total of €733,727 funding for computer equipment, a Fine Gael Councillor has said.

The grant, which will be received by all schools built prior to 2014, is worth in excess of €4,100 for a 100 pupil school and almost €13,000 for a 500 pupil school at primary level.

At post-primary level, the grant is worth almost €18,000 for a 500 student school, and over €33,000 for a 1,000 student school.

Councillor Murphy said: “I am delighted to announce that 157 schools in Tipperary will receive a total of €733,727 funding for computer equipment.

“The funding can be spent on desktop PCs, laptops, tablets or hybrid devices. Schools can also purchase projectors and cloud based tools and software applications to support learning.

“I know this will make a huge difference to school communities at both primary and secondary level across Tipperary, and will help equip children and teenagers with the skills they need for the future.

“Digital technology can transform the way people learn, encouraging curiosity, exploration and creative thinking. These are the capabilities our young people will need in the future.

“Critical, creative thinking, problem solving skills and adaptability will be key to flourishing in this environment and we need to make sure our young people are well prepared.

“Our Digital Strategy for Schools sets out a clear vision that is focussed on realising the potential of digital technologies to transform the learning experiences of students. While we are introducing coding and computer science into the curriculum, we must also invest in the ICT infrastructure of our schools,” Cllr Murphy concluded.


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