Marlfield News 02.04.18

by admin on 02/04/2018


New Trees

The two replacement cherry trees to replace the pair which was uprooted during the tropical storm have been planted. The staffs from Slievenamon Nurseries have planted a pair of  fruiting cherry’s which will provide for our feathered friends in years to come and the occasional squirrel who may visit. The Marlfield Village committee are appreciative of the sponsorship of Catherine Alton and her staff in getting the planting season off to a good start in Marlfield.

Remembering the Famine

The final sign in the Marlfield Heritage Way series has been erected to remember the terrible disaster of the famine years in Ireland. In 1847 500 persons died in the town of Clonmel and many thousands were kept alive by the work of the unsung heroes who daily cooked and distributed soup , bread and a type of stirabout (porridge) to help hold body and soul together. The work of these unpaid and forgotten heroes who gave of their time, health and often their fortune in the service of their fellow man, woman and child deserves more than a brief mention in the history of that dreadful period. When reading the description on the lectern sign at the St Patricks Well cross roads a minutes reflection would be appropriate in remembrance.

Planting the Wildflower Bed

Work will start shortly on the cleaning and planting of the wildflower bed at the roundabout. The sign for which Marlfield Village was granted a significant sum in the recent competitive submission will have an artist’s sketch ready for the next village meeting for comment.


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