Marlfield News 21.05.18

by admin on 21/05/2018

Referendum Polling Booth

The polling booth for the referendum on the 25th of May is in the Marlfield GAA Clubhouse . The booth opens at 7am and will close at 10pm. There is full vehicular access to the clubhouse by the lower entrance adjacent to the roundabout. The clubhouse is full accessible for persons with mobility handicap and the ground lights will be in use also in the evening.

Cleaning and setting grass seed

The work of tidying and cleaning the road verges from Oaklands entrance to the top of the hill is complete. The verges have been skinned, rotovated and seeded to provide for cutting and maintenance. This was necessitated by the continual throwing out of litter from vehicles and it getting embedded in the long grass and a weed making it impossible to cut and clean. The entrance to the estate was also cleaned and the laurel removed along with many loads of household rubbish which had accumulated over the years. The lovely sweep of the entrance and its walls with bricked up lodge are now evident .

Photo of John Landy and Alec Lee working in the burial grounds of St Patrick’s Chapel Marlfield in lovely sunshine last week

Photo of Noel Buckley giving the road verge plenty of welly with his rotovator at Oaklands last week

Tidy Towns Competition

The entry forms for the tidy town’s competition have been posted and our village work programme committed to paper. We are putting the village’s best foot forward and are asking all villagers to help in this endeavour. Our village theme is green and clean like our county slogan and it is one which we have the basics to deliver. Please pick up that piece of litter, pull that weed and sweep that path and we will have a village we are proud of.


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