Maxi Zoo’s hot tips for keeping pets safe and cool in summer

by admin on 30/05/2019

Dog owners in Clonmel are being urged to take heed of some helpful advice to keep their pets safe during the summer months when day time temperatures traditionally  soar to their highest level.

“June, July and August are amongst the warmest months of the year and pet parents should be aware of the steps they can take to protect the health and life of their pet during these months,” said Emma Fanning, Training and Livestock Manager/Brand Ambassador at Maxi Zoo Ireland.

“Dogs regulate their body temperature by panting and this increases their fluid requirement in summer. It is vital to ensure that your pet has access to fresh water at all times, that they are not exerted when temperatures are high and that they have shaded areas in which to rest,” she added.

“Walks are best taken during the early morning and late evening hours when temperatures are much cooler. The temperature of asphalt can be up to twice the air temperature so it is important to avoid outdoor activities during midday and for pets to stay in the shade,” she continued.

Maxi Zoo’s top tip for pet parents to determine whether or not footpaths are too hot for a walk is to press the back of their hand on the footpath. If their skin starts to hurt, then the surface is too hot for their pet to take a walk. Jogging and cycling with dogs is best forgotten on sunny days.

“One of the greatest sins is to leave your dog in the car during warm weather. Temperatures in the car can be vastly different to outside temperatures, increasing by 7 degrees Celsius  in just 10 minutes, by 16 degrees Celsius in 30 minutes and by 26 degrees Celsius in 60 minutes, creating a serious risk of death,” said Emma.

“Unnecessarily long car journeys should be avoided and dogs should never be left in cars alone. Provide air by fitting a window grill and bear in mind that just leaving the window open a little is not enough,” cautioned Emma.

“Pet parents should avoid tethering their pet outside if they need to leave home, even for a short period and they should also keep their pets out of conservatories and glassed areas if they are staying indoors,” she added.

One of the best things pet owners can do to protect their pet and to keep them cool on summer days is to provide them with a cooling mat or cushion. Customers can save €5 off the cost of the AniOne cooling mats and cushions stocked at Maxi Zoo from 1st – 10th of June. These products feature a pressure activated gel and can be wiped clean.

The 80x20cm sized AniOne Dog Pool can also be bought for just €30 from 1st to 10th June and this product is a great investment and fun way to help pets to cool down on hot days. Dogs can also be doused with cold water, providing it is not too cold. Ice cubes made from water, yoghurt and fruit juice are also a delicious way to help them to keep their body temperature in check.


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