How Local Property Tax was spent in Clonmel Borough District

by admin on 15/07/2021

The local property tax provides great benefits to the town enhancement programme of works and also extends into the communities across the Clonmel Borough District.

In 2020, great time and effort went into being more creative and supportive with the funding that was provided in the GMA budget. Initiatives that could no longer be supported due to Covid restrictions were now being re-assessed and where possible the Council made the necessary arrangements to assist businesses, local schools, playground areas, the Blueway and town pedestrian areas in making areas safe for use during Covid.

Some of the following photos reflect how business was run during the pandemic.
Clonmel Festivals & Events 2020
Installation of new lighting structures on Council buildings and Clonmel landmarks – Covid and for various other significant events throughout 2020
Supporting Tipperary Festival & Events – most of which took place on line throughout 2020.

Christmas 2020
2020 was a very lonely and quiet year across the District and many people experienced sadness and loss during this time. Clonmel Borough District councillors and staff came out in force for Christmas to ensure lots of cheer and delight with a lot of new initiatives and support for the Christmas season. Clonmel streets were lit up like never before, businesses across the town were provided with financial support to dress their windows for the festive season and the local artists were employed by the District to create new Covid friendly seating features with a Christmas twist. The public were delighted with the approach taken by the Council and social media sites lit up with thousands of positive comments for the Council.

Painting & Enhancement Scheme Clonmel
“Green It, Paint it, Light It” – the theme of the Town Centre Enhancement and Painting Grant Scheme -businesses got a grant of up to €500 to assist with the costs of external painting and enhancements to their premises.

Clonmel Borough District looked to improve the streetscape and public realm of Clonmel Town through supporting owners of properties in the Primary Retail Area in improving and enhancing their properties and public areas generally by such means as, but not limited to;
• Removal of inappropriate contemporary signage, fittings and general clutter and replacement with shop fascia signage (with an emphasis on hand painted signage);
• Painting and general improvements to commercial and residential building frontages
• Erection of planters; floral hanging baskets or other environmental improvements
• Enhancements in order to comply with Covid-19 restrictions e.g. re-designing entrance and shop fronts.

LPT funds Supported Initiatives during Covid
Trader requests for the enhancement, regular power washing and painting up of several laneways throughout the town to facilitate queuing systems for the local was ongoing throughout the re-opening period of 2020. Paving and drainage works were completed in East Lane in 2020 and the funding from GMA helped finance the art work by Philip Quinn at the entrance and exit of the lane. Other town initiatives included Signage for social distancing, Win Wednesday draws, Blueway Bike Safety promotions.
Win Wednesday Initiative – Almost 60 shop owners got involved in this initiative from August to December 2020. Benefitted customers and traders for the re-opening of the town following Covid.  Chous Cottage and The Book Market were among the many participating traders on the scheme.

Further enhancements
Funding has also been assigned to various other projects in the Clonmel Area including The Blueway Feasibility Study – to extend Blueway to Marlfield and The Town & Village Renewal Project for Marlfield which includes enhanced viewing areas at the lake, platform for fishing to include access for people with disabilities, Traffic Calming Measures in the village and Biodiversity Programme for planting throughout the village.

Financial assistance was also provided to the following to mitigate the impacts of Covid -19 during 2021:
• Clonmel Swimming Pool and Leisure Centre
• South Tipperary Arts Centre – 50% top up on subvention.


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