Other Lanes of Clonmel

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Other Lanes of Clonmel

A few other lanes are scattered throughout the town.


Market Street


Constitution Lane

Situated at Tom Skinnys Pizza restaurant. It now extends past the Eircom premises to Market Square Mall, but is gated and locked.

Sarsfield Street


Bank Lane

Connects Sarsfield St. to Abbey St.

It was originally the main laneway/entrance to the Franciscan Abbey, before Abbey St. came into existence. The abbey once had extensive grounds, extending from Mitchel St. down to the River Suir, and from Sarsfield St. to Nelson St.

Anglesea Street


Sankeys Lane

This lane is located opposite the “Old Tech.” – Mulcahy House.

A ‘Roundhead’ General named Jerome Sankey remained behind in Clonmel after Cromwell’s departure following the Seige of Clonmel, in 1650. He did all the dirty work of land confiscation and relocation/murder of the local Irish and Old English/Catholic population of Clonmel and its surrounding area.

Although this lane did not exist then, and was probably built in the early 1800’s, it may have been named after him, or his successors.

Peter Street

Georges Court

This is now incorporated into the yard, on the north side of the street, where Panda Carpets have their storage building.

Old Bridge

Green Lane

Situated  on the west side of the road to the Old Bridge area, it runs beside one branch of the River Suir.


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1 Lynda May 24, 2015 at 10:55 am

My G Grandmother used to live in Georges Court around 1900.


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