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General Information

Irishtown is a long street leading towards Cahir, beginning at the West Gate of Clonmel.
It was where many of the native Irish once lived, at a time when they were not allowed reside within the town walls.

The premises numbers presently range from 1-120, although in the past there were considerably more premises.
Many were, rebuilt and some were amalgamated with others over the years, as can be seen from some premises details below:

Thomas Cantwell, No.135
James O’Donnell, 1846, Public House, No. 137
Edward Quirke, 1846,
Public House, no.134
James Sheehy, 1846, Public House, No. 136

Consequently, the businesses shown on these pages are numbered in accordance with the information available,
and in some cases would not correspond with the current numbering scheme.


Irishtown 1-60

Irishtown begins at the West Gate, outside the original walled town, and proceeds westwards towards Cahir.

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Irishtown 61-120

Irishtown 61-120, on the northern side of the street, has junctions at O’Neill St., Gravel Walk and St. Mary’s Place.

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