1 – 19 Mitchel Street, Clonmel

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Mitchel Sreet, aka “The Narrow Street” is one of the narrowest in the town. It connected the Main Guard to the East Gate.


No. Premises Occupants, present and past.
1 Niamh’s, 1990’s- , Restaurant
Las Vegas, 1980’s, Amusement Arcade
Nicky’s Bar & Lounge 1970’s, Public House
Michael Strappe, 1945, Wine & Spirits
M Callaghan, 1930, Grocery/Spirits
Margaret Phelan, 1901- 1911, Grocery
Michael Phelan, c. 1900, Public House
Richard Guiton, 1846, Grocery
James Newell, 1846, Hatter
2 Mayfair Cafe
Verona Cafe, 2012
Mayfair Cafe, 1957-2011, Fast food Restaurant
O’Toolan’s, 1930, Confectioner
Hanora Kennedy, 1911, Confectioner
Mary O’Donoghue, 1901, Public House
3 JJ Barbers
Avanti, 2000’s, Shoeshop- now vacant
Focus, 1980’s, Shoe Shop
Michael Strappe, 1950’s-1980’s, Fruit & Vegetables
John Cronin, 1930, Victualler
Joseph Shortiss, c. 1900, Victualler
Johanna Cantwell, 1846, Public House
4 Classic Turkish Barber
Ria’s, 2000’s, Boutique
Gift Shop, 1980’s, Ethnic giftware
Ann O’Connor, 1970’s-80’s, Curios and AntiquesPatrick O’Neill, 1846, Wine & Spirits Dealer
Patrick O’Connor, 1901, tobacconist
Michael O’Connor, 1901, Tailor
5 Wurlitzer, 2000’s, Mens clothing
O’Connors, c.1900-1960’s, Butchers
Andrew Lynn, c. 1900, Public House
Patrick O’Neill, 1846, Wine & Spirits Dealer
6 Bizaar, 2000’s, Ladies Hairdresser
Interflora, 1990’s, Florist
Gaffneys, 1960’s-early 1980’s, fruit, Vegetables & Florist
Thomas FitzGibbon, 1901- 1911, Grocer/Spirits
John Carolin, 1846, Painter & Glazier
7 vacant
Chinese Medical Centre, 2000’s, Chinese Medicine
Johnny Del, 1980’s-90’s, Ladies Hairdresser
“Las Vegas”, Gus bonelli, 1970’s, Amusements
Thomas FitzGibbon, c. 1900, Grocery
Michael Crowley, c. 1901, Public House
8 Clintons, 2000’s, Fabric Shop
Gifts & Jewels, 1980’s, Fancy Goods
Miss Prendergast, 1930, Grocery/Spirits
Margaret Ryan, 1911, Publican
Robert Mercer, 1846, Bakery
9 Barretts Drapery, 1950’s- present, childrens clothing
William Morgan ,1930, Upholsterer
Robert Pallisser, c. 1900, China & Glassware
James White, 1846, Grocery
10 Barretts Drapery, 1950’s- present, childrens clothing
David Stapleton Grocers 1934 – 1968
John Magner, 1901, Tobacconist
Robert Pallisser, c. 1900, Druggist
James White, 1846, Grocery
11 Game Shop, 2000’s, Electronic Games/Toys
Knocknagow Bookshop, 1990’s, Bookseller
Blackrock Clothing Co., 1940’s-1980’s, clothing
Harvey Bros., c. 1900-1930’s, Stationers
James Meehan, 1901, Tailor
  ABBEY STREET junction here
12 Ladbrokes, 2011, Bookmakers
Cashin, 1945, 1961, Bookmaker
John Magner, 1930, Tobacconist
Mary Magner, 1911, Tobacconist
Benjamin Thompson, 1846, Bootmaker
13 Duggan, 1930-2021, Jewellers
P J Kane, c. 1900, Jewellers
Anastatia FitzGerald, 1846, Straw Bonnet Maker
14 The Narrow Space, 2000’s, Fancy Goods/Art Gallery
Richard Clingan, 1900-1970’s, Bootmerchant/Shoeshop
David Coffey, 1930, Provisions
Edmond Phelan, 1901, Publican/Grocer
James Quinn, 1846, Spirits Dealer
15 (Vacant)
Tall Tales Bookshop
The Wine Buff, 2010, Wines and Spirits- now moved
McGraths, 1986, Bacon Shop
Richard Cassidy, 1911, Grocer
Anne Hearn, 1846, Milliner
John Hearn, 1846, Tailor
16 vacant shop
Tony Nugent and Co, 1993 to 2007, Auctioneers and Estate Agents
Premier Electric, 1960’s-70s, Electrical Contractors
Daniel Egan, 1911, Publican
John Nolan, 1901, Footwear Shop
17 vacant shop
Margaret Cunningham, 1901, Grocer/Public House
John Sherman, 1846, Spirits Dealer
18 Willie Walsh, 1980’s-2011, Mens Hairdresser
Ronnie O’Mahony, 1945-1980’s, Mens Hairdresser
Thomas Edlin Rocker & Frederick Rocker, c. 1900-1930, Hairdresser
Michael Neville, 1901, Confectioner
Johanna O’Donnell, 1846, Haberdashery
19 NOW DEMOLISHED, becoming part of Main Guard once again.
Gavin’s, 1945-1980’s, Newsagent/Stationer
Goldsboro and O’Brien, 1932
Johanna Cooney, 1911, Grocery/Spirits
Edward O’Carroll, 1901, Provisions
John Tyler & Sons, c. 1900, Footwear
R Prossor & Son, 1846, Watchmaker
   Boston Cleaners 1950’s, Address unknown in Mitchel Sreet

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