60 – 84 O’Connell Street, Clonmel

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This part of the street begins on the north side of the street, at the Mary Street junction, then continues as far as the Main Guard.



 Premises Occupants, present and past.

The Zip Yard, 2013, clothing alterations
The Book Nook, 2012, Bookshop
FitzGerald’s Sweetshop, 1960’s
David Mahony, 1930’s, Grocery & Spirits
Philip Bulbert, 1901-1910, Bookseller
Miss Phelan, 1889, Wine Merchant
Matthew Scully, 1846, Apothecary
O’Gorman’s Bakery
David Condon, 1930’s, Foodstuffs
Walter Geary, 1901-1910, Public House
T O’Gorman, 1889 & 1901, The Cash House, General Drapery
John Ryan, 1846, Grocer
O’Gorman’s Bakery
John Mulcahy, 1930’s, Grocery & Spirits
Walter Geary, 1910, Baker (Mary Geary, 1911)
John Smyth, 1901, Public House
Thomas O’Connell, 1846, Baker
Irish Nationwide, Building Society -closed
Art DePaor, 1945, Grocery
J J Cantwell, 1930’s & 1940’s, Grocery & Spirits
John Smith, 1911, Public House
Michael Keogh, 1901-1910, Footwear/Boot Factory
M Nugent, 1889, Family Grocer & Public House
John Mariga, 1846, Clothes Dealer
Richard Walshe, 1846, Saddler & Spirits Dealer
Graham Shoes
Paddy Foley, 1960’s-70’s, Butcher
Thomas Keogh, 1930’s, Footwear / Bootmakers
Michael Keogh, 1901-1911, Boot Factory
John Cleary, 1910, Grocer
David Nugent, 1901, Hardware
AIB, Bank
Nugent Bros., 1930’s, Hardware
Patrick O’Brien, 1911, Hardware
E A Coffey, 1889-1910, Ironmonger
Robert Banks, 1846, Linen Draper
AIB, Bank
Alex Cooke, 1910, Jeweller
James Cooke, 1901, Jeweller
E A Coffey, 1889-1910, Ironmonger
AIB, Bank
J Kavanagh, 1930’s, Oil & Colour Merchants
Mary Ahearne, 1901, Grocer
Mrs C Mason, 1889, Provisions
Mulligan’s, Chemist
Patrick B. Joy, The Modern Pharmacy, Chemist
Bridget FitzGerald, 1911-1930’s, Drapery
E Murphy, 1889, Rope, Twine & Linens
Anthony Cassin, 1846, Corn Merchant
€2 Store
Burke, 1960’s, Fish and Poultry
Miss Russell, Egg & Poultry Dealer
Jeremiah Condon, 1910, Butcher or Mary Kate Manning, 1911, butcher
William & Mary Ahearne, 1901, Grocer
Michael Ahearne, 1889, Provisions
William Hudson, 1846, Canvas & Sailcloth, Rope Maker
O’Reilly’s Hair & Beauty Supplies And Hair Academy
Ulster Bank
The Clonmel Bakery, 1950’s, Confectionery
Liptons, 1930′-1960’s, Grocers
O’Connell St. Bakery, 1910-1930’s
William Ronayne, 1910, Hardware
Annie Tobin, 1901, Public house
Pierce Butler, 1846, Tallow Maker & Tobacconist
Phelan Shoes (Vacant)
Annie Smyth, 1910, Public House
William Ronayne & Co, 1889, Ironmongers
James O’Neill, 1846, Spirits Dealer, Leather
Major, Opticians
John Dougan, 1930’s, Druggist
Timothy Murphy, 1901, Private Dwelling
Robert Davis (National Assurance Co.), 1846,Insurance
FitzGeralds, Menswear
Philip Quinn
Wally Waldron, 1930’s Grocer & Spirits
Annie Tobin, 1911, Public House
Patrick Nugent, 1901, Warehouse
P Tobin & Co., 1889, Wine & Spirits
John Crean, 1846, Curriers & Dyers, Leather

Dealz/Connolly’s Menswear

O Connell Mall/Connolly’s Menswear
–mall outlets once were: Dick’s Deli, Golden Records, Darmody’s Sweetshop
–Lloyds Hairdressers, Ann FitzPatrick Florist, Laycock Jewellers,
–Needles & Pins.
F W Woolsworth, Department Store
Town Hall Theatre, Amusements
Kate Phelan, 1901, Warehouse
William Hogan, 1846, Grocer
Allen, Fancy Goods
Paddy Lambe, 1960’s-1970’s, Gents Outfitter
Patrick Nugent, 1910-1930’s, Insurance & Draper
Margaret Maher, 1901, Bakery
William Ryan, 1846, Baker
Allen, Fancy Goods
Clonmel Drapery (-1966)
Fennessy, 1951, “The Man’s Shop”
Kate & son, John Bernard Phelan, c. 1887-1936, Drapery
Michael  Phelan, 1873-1887, Drapery
P Nugent, 1889, Draper
Mary Cooney, 1901, Private Dwelling
John Conway, 1846, Public House
River Island, Clothing Outlet
Bank of Ireland
John F Power, 1950’s- late 1960’s, Drapery, Furniture
Fennessy, 1930’s, Footwear / bootmakers
Margaret Maher, 1911, Bakery
Barron’s Bakery (M Maher), 1889, Baker
Catherine Power, 1846, Straw Bonnet Maker
River Island, Clothing outlet
Bank of Ireland
John F Power, 1950’s- late 1960’s, Drapery, Furniture
Kearney’s, 1945, Library
Edward Keating, 1930’s-1940’s, Druggist & Hardware
Mary Cooney, 1911, tobacconist
James Morrissey, 1910, Footwear/Boot Factory
Dunnes Stores
J P Brady, 1945, Radio, Prams, Fancy Goods, Furniture
Hearne & Cahill, 1913, Boot Warehouse
Pierce Tobin, 1910, Footwear
Jeremiah Condon, 1901, Victualler
Depot of Clonmel Boot Factory, 1889
P Tobin & Co., 1889, Wine & Spirits

Dunnes Stores

J P Brady, 1945, Radio, Prams, Fancy Goods, Furniture
Anne Norris, 1911, Drapery
Frank Lonergan, 1901-1910, Greengrocer
Nicholas Denn, 1846, Public House, Leather
Clonmel Carpets
MK Sports
Jeremiah Condon, 1911-1930’s, Butcher
Alice Connolly, 1901, Provisions
Glamorous, Boutique (Vacant)
Brian Purcell, 1990’s, Jeweller
Brennan, 1980’s?, Greengrocer
May Lonergan, 1950’s-1960’s, Greengrocers
Frank Lonergan, 1911-1940’s, Greengrocer
Augustine Devine, 1910, Grocer
KnickKnack Shop
KK Discount, 2000’s, Discount Store
Brady, 1990’s, Video/Electrical
Cantwell’s, 1951, 1961, Children’s Wear
Richard Graham, 1846, Apothecary
The Old Kentucky, 1960’s, Fast Food Restaurant
Alvernia Guest House, 1950’s-1960’s
J O’ Reilly, 1930’s Solicitors
Home & Colonial, 1930’s-1960’s, Grocers
Jones Brothers, 1910, Cabinet Makers & Undertakers
Wigmore & Morgan, 1846, Grocery, Wines & Spirits
Barrett & Holland, 2012, Health Foods
Thornton’s  Card Shop
Ideal Drapery, 1950’s-1980’s, Ladies Wear
Mrs D Smith, 1930’s, Grocery & Spirits
Augustine & Kate Devine, 1901-1911, Public House
Barrett & Holland, 2012, Health Foods
Thornton’s  Card Shop
Sheilas (Sheila & Michael Murray, 1950’s-1960’s, Ladies Fashion
Patrick J O’Reilly, 1910, Draper
T. Russell, 1889, Wool Merchant
Philip Daniell, 1846, Tanner & Tobacconist

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