Pain Support Group

Pain Support Group

Pain Support Group

A Pain Support Group is being set up to help create greater awareness of the condition of Chronic Pain amongst the general population. Chronic Pain is a disease in its own right. We need to ensure that more and more people recognize Chronic Pain as a separate disease entity so that a definite diagnosis is made and a management programme for the patient is implemented within a reasonable timeframe.

Pain is a major healthcare problem. Although acute pain may reasonably be considered a symptom of disease or injury, chronic and recurrent pain is a specific healthcare problem, a disease in its own right. The impact of Chronic Pain on the person, their families and friends cannot be overestimated. Chronic pain impacts negatively on every aspect of one’s life. There are the obvious financial implications; loss of income, costs of treatment and care, end of career progression etc. There is also the impact on relationships both within the family and outside. Ignorance of the disease of chronic pain does lead to the sufferer not being believed, even by healthcare staff. This in turn leads to feelings of isolation and loneliness and matters become progressively worse for the person with chronic pain.

Learn how to live your best life with pain through the Pain Support Group. The aim of this group is to share stories in the hope of decreasing your pain, your reliance on health professionals and medication and significantly improve your sense of wellbeing. I invite you to learn more about this exciting group and how you can benefit from participating.

The Pain Support Group is designed to complement the care provided by your health-care team and allow you to share experiences with others. Trained experienced leaders, many of whom have chronic pain will lead the group.

The Pain Support Group is designed to:

  • help you find solutions to problems caused by your pain
  • identify ways to deal with anger, fear, frustration and depression
  • help you learn new ways to communicate with family and friends

What are the benefits of participating in the Pain Support Group
Past participants from other similar groups have experienced such benefits as:

  • increased knowledge about their pain
  • increased frequency of exercise and relaxation
  • increased self-confidence
  • decreased depression
  • decreased pain
  • decreased physician visits.
  • more positive and upbeat
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