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Private Dwellings of Note





1805 3,4 New Quay
1829 Newtown Anner House.Thomas Osborne lived here.   newtownAnnerHouse
1820 Summerhill House  summerhill
1821 Anne St. commissioned by Charles Riall, the banking family, and built by Thomas and John Tinsley.  anneSt
1833 Marlfield House.The Bagwell residence.Around 1784, John Bagwell purchased the lease of Marlfield from its previous owner, Stephen Moore, and carried on extensive corn milling and biscuit making there. The original house was built in 1833.  marlfield
1840 Loreto.Originally named Roseville. Owned by the Murray family.It was purchased by the Loreto Order in 1889, from Richard Burke, to be used as a girls school.  loreto-roseville-Clonmel
1842 Dr. Croke Place. Built by the Grubb family. Some Grubbs lived there.  drCrokePlace1
 Ashbourne. Beside Loreto, on corner.  ashbourne
 Merlin, Coleville Rd. The Fayle family home.  merlin
 Green Park,Coleville Rd. and
Parkminster, Coleville Rd.
 Greyfort, Coleville Rd.  greyfort
 Fairy Hill, Coleville Rd. (River side)  fairyHill
Spring Field, Coleville Rd. (River side)  springField
1863 Minella. Malcomson Family lived there. Later became a hotel, owned by the Nallen family.  minella1
 Raheen House.Cobden family home. Later owned by Senator Denis E. Burke.  raheenhouse
 Richmond House, Kickham St.  richmongHouse
 Quay House.Now Binchy & Co., Solicitors.  quayHouseClonmel
 Epworth,Anglesea St., beside SIPTU building (old church).  epworth
 Knocklofty House. Home to Lord Donoghmore, the Hely-Hutchinson family.  knockloftyHouse
 Ballingarrane House.
 Glenconnor House, Gortmalogue.  glenconnorHouse
 Oaklands,near Patrickswell.Oaklands was built by Simmons Sparrow, a Quaker, the son of a local baker, who had owned a modest mill at “Tubberaheena”, opened the huge Suir Island mills, and soon occupied the premier position there. He was succeeded by his son Richard, who died in 1810.  oaklands
 Salisbury, Marlfield village. Gough family home, later Cleeves. salisburyHouse
 Birdhill, Marlfield Rd.
 Haywood House.Riall family lived there.
Woodrooffe House. Located north of the Clonmel-Cahir Road, more or less opposite Suirhall premises, several hundred metres in from the road.  woodrooffe1
 Barne House. Situated on northern side of road, at Clonmel side of Barne hamlet.
1835  Melview.Malcomson Family lived there.The Malcomsons owned a Mills on Little Island, beside Hughes Mill.  melviewHouse
 Millbrook House. Near Dudley’s Mills, Coleville Rd.
 Kilheffernan House, near the junction with the Kilkenny Road, 3-4 miles east of Clonmel.  kilheffernanHouse
 Bruce Villa, beside Melview. Binchy family now.
 1820’s  Oakville House. Original owner was Henry Pedder, a lawyer. Later was home of the Hemphill family, and later again, home of Judge Troy.Now site of Dunnes Stores at Oakville.  now demolished. Was not named for its oak trees (they were chestnuts, I believe), but for the quality oak fittings within the house.
 Rose Ville, Western Rd. Home of Dr. Pat O’Callaghan.REHAB and LIDL are now built on the property.  now demolished.
 Little Island House, Old Bridge.  now in ruins.
 The Cedars, Suir Island.  now demolished
 Suir Island House. Thomas Grubb lived there.Now demolished.

The Grubb family owned Anner Mills, Redmondstown Mills, Manor Mills, Richmond Mills and Suir Island Mills.

 1748  Silver Spring HouseBuilt around 1748, it was used as a school (a Charter School, to educate Protestants) until 1823, when it closed. Charles Bianconi leased it in 1834 and lived there for a number of years. It was he who named it Silver Spring.

Barclay Joseph Clibborn also leased it, subsequently.

 1850’s Prior Park HouseBuilt around 1850’s and originally a girls’ boarding school, run by the Quakers. Sold to Benjamin Murphy in 1864 (Clonmel Brewery), then around 1920 to J. F. O’Gorman (Clonmel Coachbuilder). In 1996 it was auctioned and the area is now Redwood Gardens, near to Clonmel Railway station.  Prior Park HouseSM

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Are there any photographs of woodroofe house out there , the Perry family my email is


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Has anyone got a photo of Oakville when it was a private residence with the west and east both showing, would love to see it9


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I am looking for any information or the history of the Heffernan surname in clonmel county Tipperary and the place name of Kilheffernan.
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Can anybody tell me who ones Oakland’s House
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I am looking for any history you may have on birdhill house,Marlfield
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