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Parnell St. Numbers 28-57 are situated on the north side of the street. Jervis Place is contained within the street.


No. Premises Occupants, present and past.
28 J Shee, 1960’s-2011, Solicitors – moved elsewhere
Bank of Ireland, 1901-1960’s, Bank
Whelan, late 1800’s, clockmaker
29 AXA, 2011, Insurance Company
MF Kent & Co., 1930’s-1980’s
Scotts, 1945, Wallpaper, Paints, Leather
Charles FitzGerald, 1901-1925, Bookseller
30 Stitches, 2011, Clothing
ESB Offices, 1960’s-1970’s, ESB
T. Horan, 1920’s-1945, Chemist & Optician
Clonmel Dental Company, 1901, (Sidney Rowell?, 1935), Dentist
31 Hogans Toymaster, 2011, Toy Shop
Sloans, 1950’s, Clothing
The Carlton, 1920’s, Confectionery/Tea Rooms
Thomas Roche, c.1901-1920’s, Draper/Tailor
Mary O’Donoghue, 1901, drapery
32 Moynihan Curran, 2011, Estate Agents
General Accident, 1960’s-1970’s, Insurance company
Cashin, 1961, Betting Office
William F Lawlor, 1901-1911, Jeweller
33 O’ Keeffe’s, 2011, Public House
Murnane, 1950’s, Outfitters
CLONMEL CHRONICLE, 1901-1920’s, Newspaper
34 Hearns Hotel, (1901, Edward Murphy)
35 Hearns Hotel, (1901, Edward Murphy)
36 Subway, 2011, Sandwich Bar
Quirkes, 1980’s, furniture Store
King & Keatings, 1940’s-1970’s, Garage
O’Gorman Bros. Ltd., circa. 1911-1943, Auto Engineers, Coach and Motor Body Builders.
James Vaughan, 1901, Provisions
Thomas F Kenny, 1901, Draper/Tailor
37 Celtic, 2011, Bookmakers
Quirkes, 1980’s, furniture Store
King & Keatings, 1920’s-1970’s, Garage
O’Gorman Bros. Ltd., circa. 1911-1943, Auto Engineers, Coach and Motor Body Builders.
Lucy Hanrahan, 1901, Ladies Outfitter
Numbers 38-42 disappeared when those houses were renamed JERVIS PLACE
43 Fieldmaster, 2011, Office Supplies
Corbett, 1940’s-1970’s, Printing Works
44 Bergin, 2011, Convenience Store
Sean Redmond Car Hire
Redmonds, 1940’s-1970’s, Sweetshop/Fruit
R Redmond, 1920’s-1930’s, Greengrocer/Fruit
Robert McRell, 1911, Fruit Merchant
45 Bergin, 2011, Convenience Store
P Gavin, 1950’s-1970’s, Newspaper Shop/Shipping Agent
Phillips & Whitney, Geraldine Crane, 1920’s, Photographers
Albert or Arthur Webster, 1901, Photographer
46 LANEWAY: Clonmel Cycle Co., 1945, Cycles & Radios
William Gavin, 1920’s-1960’s, Bookseller/tobacconist
47 Co. Council Building, 2011
Clonmel Public Library, 1950’s-1970’s, County Library
William Toohey, 1901, Grocery/ Public House
48 Clonmel Credit Union, 2011, credit union
Ritz Cinema, 23rd March 1940-1980’s, Cinema
Clonmel Machine Bakery, 1935, Bakery
Margaret Ryan, 1901, Grocer
49 Mack Cleaners, 1970’s-2011, Dry Cleaners
Lanigan, 1950’s
J W Kennedy, 1945, 1951, Grocer & Tobacconist
J Clinton, 1935, Draper
Joseph Mooney, 1901, Draper/Tailor
Mrs Dodd, 1901, Public House
50 Annie Keogh, 1940’s-2011, Public House
Miss Smithwick, 1935, Grocery/Spirits
Peter Connolly, 1920’s, Grocery/Spirits
Margaret Connolly, 1911, Grocery/Spirits
51 vacant
The Stables, 1986, Public House (J O’Brien)
Paddy Ahearnes, 1980’s, Public House
The Favourite, 1960’s, Coffee Shop
Mrs Ryan, 1920’s-1935, Grocery/Spirits
52 vacant
Paddy Ahearnes, 1980’s, Public House
The Favourite, 1960’s, Coffee Shop
Michael Burke, 1911, Harness Maker/Saddler
53 vacant
Paddy Ahearnes, 1980’s, Public House
Christopher Kearney, 1920’s Hairdresser
Boarding House, 1911
54 Private Dwelling, 2011
Boarding House, 1911
William Sheehy, 1846, Grocery
55 Private Dwelling, 2011
56 Hairdresser, 2011
Condons, 1950’s-1980’s, Sweetshop
J B Toohey 1920’s, Grocery/Spirits
57 A Gentlemans Club, 1911, (possibly the current Denis Lacy Hall).

Others, whose premises numbers are currently unknown


O’Driscoll, 1945, Victualler


Boyd Ryan, 1935, Spirits Dealers (also in Abbey St.)
Cambrian Hotel, 1935, hotel
P A Kiersey, 1935, Baker


William Foristal, 1846, Corn Merchant
Thomas Clarke, 1846, Cabinet Maker
Thomas Hogan, 1846, Flour Dealer
John Casey, 1846, Grocer
Jane Jacob, 1846, Grocery
John FitzGerald, 1846, Hairdresser
William Steffee & Son, 1846, Hairdressers
Judith Hearn, 1846, Hosiery
Patrick Hearn, 1846, Wholesale Grocer/Wine & Spirits
Albert Inn/Hotel, 1846, William Foristal, proprietor
Thomas B Russell, 1846, Livery Stables
Anne Devine,1846, Bakery
Edmund Dumphy, 1846, Bakery
Cornelius Dennehy, 1846, Apocathery
Joseph Corbett, 1846, Painter/Glazier
William Burke, 1846, Provisions
Michael Cahill, 1846, Provisions
Mary Donoghue, 1846, Provisions
David Droghar, 1846, Provisions
John Galbrath, 1846, Provisions
Leary Hearn, 1846, Provisions
John Hennebury, 1846, Provisions
Honoria Heyes, 1846, Provisions
John Tuffy, 1846, Provisions
John McLoughlin, 1846, Tailor
John Maher, 1846, Tallow Chandler/Tobacconist
Thomas Samuel Richardson, 1846, Veterinary Surgeon
Henry Jones, 1846, Watchmaker



Richard Duckett, 1824, Attorney
Joseph Kennedy, 1824, Attorney
Thomas White, 1824, Attorney
Philip Dewe, 1824, Physician
Edmund Phelan, 1824, Physician
Sarah Mason, 1824, Ladies Academy
William McCleland, 1824, Baker
Henry Harvay, 1824, Shoemaker
Charles Bianconi, 1824, Carver & Gilder
James Julian, 1824, Coach Maker
Ann Barry, 1824, Confectioner
James Purcell, 1824, China & Glass
Stephen Moran, 1824, Glover
Margaret Nowlan, 1824, Grocery/Spirits
Benjamin Harris, 1824, Gunmaker
Michael Duggan, 1824, Haberdasher
Francis Grubb, 1824, Haberdasher
Samuel Fayle, 1824, Hardware
John Proctor, 1824,Ironmonger
Ann Mary Thornton, 1824, Milliner
Lonergan & Daniel, 1824, Saddlers



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1 Eamonn Burke December 27, 2020 at 9:54 am

I believe that number 56 and 57 Parnell Street formerly known as Bagwell street was the business address of William Burke(Dealer) and Michael Burke (Corn merchant? spirts dealer) It was also listed as a Public house at one point too. I have reason to believe that Michael Burke was my great great grandfather and the William may have been his father. I am still trying to tie all the pieces together and after I have my Big Y 700 paternal DNA test done it should help a lot. I also note that in 1911 My great grandfather also named Michael Burke a harness and saddle maker lived at number 52 Parnell/Bagwell street. I suspect there might be a connection there also for that location.


2 Jon Flower June 8, 2018 at 6:30 pm

I am looking at an old photograph of two WWI soldiers. Photographer T Hughes 46 Parnell Street Clonmel.


3 Ann KIERSEY hAYES June 5, 2017 at 5:01 pm

Ann here again, I have one of the bill heads since P.A.Kiersey was in 31 Parnell Street shop.


4 Ann Hayes nee Kiersey June 1, 2017 at 10:25 pm

Have always wished I had a photo of 31 Parnell Street, with maybe my fathers name over the door. He was P.A. Kiersey , the Master Baker &

Confectioner mentioned in year 1935. I do not know for how many years he was there but I was born in 1936 and did live there for some time,

a young girl named Bridie helping my mother. She would have to be about 95 years old today. I never asked my parents about life before I

arrived, all I know is Parnell Street was my first home. I hope this will help you to update your records.

Yours truly,



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