South Tipperary Arts Centre + Clonmel Junction Arts Festival’s visual art programme

by admin on 08/07/2021

South Tipperary Arts Centre In partnership with Clonmel Junction Arts Festival





Claire Murphy – Here Is Where I Am

July 3 – August 28

Here Is Where I Am is a photographic installation by Claire Murphy from an ongoing body of work that started during the pandemic, which also coincided with the period after the birth of her son. She observes and documents the ordinary moments of her daily life, moments of contemplation, of inbetween-ness, all through the analogue medium of 35mm film. The photos taken at and around her family home, the home where the artist spent her childhood, exude a cinematic quality which conjures up unknowable narratives for us to ponder. The resulting images have a quiet stillness and are an intimate exploration of family and habitat.

Originally from Cork, Claire graduated from a BA in Fine Art Painting at the National College of Art and Design in 2009. In 2015 she studied cinematography in BCFE specialising in 16mm film and film photography. She continued with her studies in cinematography at Napier University Edinburgh where she received her MA in 2018. Since completing her masters, Claire lived in Glasgow where she worked on a number of short films selected for numerous festivals and awards. During that time she had an active analogue photography practice which fed into her film making work. She is currently based in Cork and is a member of the Backwater Artist studio darkroom. 




Rachel Rothwell – Green Streets

July 3 – July 11 

Artist Rachel Rothwell asks us to look at our town with different eyes.

Using clay, local soil and wildflower seeds, Rachel has created seed-bomb ‘bricks’ that are placed in a path beside Clonmel Library, marked with the names of Clonmel streets. Visitors can break off a piece of this tactile ‘path’ to bring some of Clonmel home with them, or spread it elsewhere. They will also be invited to add their own suggestions to the path during the festival, with their own words related to Clonmel. Rachel will document the changes in the sculptures appearance over the course of the festival, archiving its process of change and growth. The very name of Clonmel (Cluain Meala) hints at the richness of the land surrounding it, and as we search for more green in our urban spaces, this artwork allows the public to become active participants in the process. Seeds of native plants such as daisies, clover and meadowsweet will be included in the mix. The natural materials which make up this installation will also allow any elements that are not collected to gently return to the earth as it weathers the seasons.




Sean Taylor – Clonmel Community Manifesto

July 5 – July 11

Artist Sean Taylor has invited the public of Clonmel to create a twelve-point Clonmel Community Manifesto inspired by the stories and events that have shaped the people of Clonmel during the Covid-19 pandemic. The points may be valuable lessons, positive affirmations, revelations, anecdotes, or reflections that individuals have experienced during this ‘new normal’. The twelve most engaging proposals will be printed on a mobile billboard advertisement and will be driven around Clonmel town during the Junction Festival from the 3rd to the 11th July 2021, for all the citizens of the town to reflect upon.

Sean Taylor received his primary Diploma in Fine Art, from Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork, Ireland in 1982. Awarded an MA in Fine Art from the University of Ulster in Belfast in 1983, he received a Postgraduate Scholarship from The Kunstenacademie, Rotterdam, Holland in 1989. In 2013 he completed a Deep Listening Certificate Programme, with American contemporary music composer Pauline Oliveros at the Deep Listening Institute, Kingston, New York, USA. Sean completed a PhD at Limerick Institute of Technology, School of Art and Design in 2019.


South Tipperary Arts Centre and Clonmel Junction Arts Festival are kindly supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and Tipperary County Council.






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