Mitchel Street: Past – Present

Past – Present Clonmel >>>> Mitchel Street: Past – Present

Mitchel Street T Fitzgibbon & Co, Clonmel Past

Clonmel – Mitchel Street: Past

Mitchel Street Bizaar Hair, Clonmel Present

Clonmel – Mitchel Street: Present


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1 Maureen Purcell January 20, 2020 at 10:30 am

The photo above of Mitchel St., locally called the Narrow St., has my aunt Esther ( Essie) Lonergan with the boater hat on( from 8 Gordon Place, formerly from top of Morton St., where the Walsh family lived). She was a young girl of 6 or so at the time and was the first woman working in the Co. Council as a clerical officer later on in her life . She died of TB around 1948/49 and she was probably in her 40’s at the time . Essie had a boyfriend named ??? Hanrahan I think who may have worked in the council, but this is just speculation on my part!


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