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General Information

Gladstone Street is the second most important street in Clonmel, after O’ Connell Street.  It was so named in recognition of William Gladstone, British Prime Minister, mainly for his work in trying to pass a home rule Bill for Ireland.

Previously it had been named Johnson Street, so named in 1798, in compliment to Sir Henry Johnson, Colonel of the 5th Foot,  who defeated the insurgents at Ross. And so it was no surprise that it would be renamed to a more acceptable one, once independence from Britain was won.

The numbering appears to have changed between the years 1848 and 1901, as numbers 58 and 59 are not now to be found. Thus, the placement of the occupants into any particular premises number is only as accurate as the records allow.

Gladstone St 1-25

This part of the street begins in the south at the junction of O Connell Street and then runs northwards.

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Gladstone St. 26-57

This part of the street begins in the north and then runs southwards to the junction of Mitchel Street.

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There are many businesses and tradesmen/women that I do not have a premises number for:

  • J W Kennedy, 1935, Tobacconist
  • F Russell, 1935, Dentist
  • The Munster Hotel, 1935
  • Mrs Halley, 1935, Victualler
  • P Cunningham & Co, 1935
  • Patrick Fennelly, 1846, Bacon Merchant
  • Standard Life Assurance Co., 1846, (Robert Sparrow).
  • Anne Kennedy, 1846
  • Robert Romley, 1846, Wine & Spirits
  • V Wilson, Hairdresser

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1 Esther Hackett June 8, 2023 at 10:04 am

I have found a receipt belonging to my Grandfather Patrick Hackett.
P Cunningham & co 1927 drapers & outfitters
38 & 39 Gladstone Street


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