21-39 Mitchel Street, Clonmel

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Nos. 21-39 are on the northern side of the street, and a laneway, East Lane, provided access to the “Shambles” area of the town.


No. Premises Occupants, present and past.
21 Vapourpal (Electric Cigarettes)
Eileen Boyle’s, 2011, boutique
Interior Designs, 1990’s, Curtains & Interior Design
May Gavin 1960’s – 70’s, Confectionery / sweet shop
Michael Neville,1901-1930, Confectioner/Delph
A Dillon, 1930, Tea Rooms
Michael Ahearne, c. 1900, Grocery
22 Southern Meats, 1990’s-2011, butchers
Edward O’Carroll, 1911-1930, Provisions
Catherine Daly, 1846, Public House
23 Silver Wood, 2000’s, Fancy Goods
Roches, 1960’s – 70’s, Drapery
Mrs Nora O’Donnell, 1930, Drapery
J A Hawkins, c. 1900, Footwear
24 Indulge Jewellery
Siena, 2011, Boutique
The £ Shop, 1990’s, Trinkets
J Burke, 1945, Poultry/Game/Fish
J Pope, 1930, Poulterer
O’Sullivan, 1911, Poultry & Fish shop
Joseph McEnery, c. 1900, Bakery
Edward Dillon, 1901, Tailor (see also no.29)
25 Minnie Mee, 2011, Childrens Clothing
Jackie O’Dwyer, 1945-1980’s, Cycles
T J Dunne, 1930, Cycle Shop
George Holland, 1930, Confectioner
R S Harvey, c. 1900, China & Glassware
Margaret FitzGerald, 1901, Public House
William George Harvey, 1824, Glass, China shop
26 Hewitt’s Bakery, 1960’s-2011, Bakery/Coffee Shop
George Holland, 1930, Shipping Agent
Mary Carleton, 1911, Shopkeeper
Jeremiah Sweeney, c. 1901, Provisions
27 Euroland, 2011, Discount Store
The Nest, 2009, Boutique
Clonmel Hardware & Pets, 1986, (Patsy Morrissey & Brendan Tobin)
James Byrne, 1900-1960’s, Druggist/Hardware
Ellen Walsh, c. 1900, Provision Store
28 Euroland, 2011, Discount Store
The Nest, 2009, Boutique
Clonmel Hardware & Pets, 1986, (Patsy Morrissey & Brendan Tobin)
James Byrne, 1900-1960’s, Druggist/Hardware
29 Ryan Design, 2000’s, Ladies Boutique
Rowshaws Coffee Shop,1980’s , Majella Bradshaw and Tom Roche proprietors.
Maurice Dougan, 1950’s-1970’s, Chemist shop
Edward Dillon, 1911-1930, Draper/Tailor (see also no.24)
Edward Buchanan, 1901, Hairdresser
Robert Sutherland, 1846, Public House
Thomas Holmes, 1846, Bootmaker
30 Ann FitzPatrick, 2010-2011, Florist
Barretts, 1958-1968 Drapery (moved premises to 9-10 in 1968)
P J Condon, 1945, Shoeshop
Ellen Dennehy, c. 1900, Drapery
Michael Duggan, c. 1900, Grocery/Public House
John & Henry Baily, 1846, Hatters
31 Larissa L, 2010, Bakery/Coffee Shop
Jermaze, 1980’s -90’s, Gift shop & Jewellery
Food for Thought, 1978 – mid 80’s, Health Food
Record Store, (Dave Primm)
Jeremiah Sweeney, 1911, House Painter
Mary Dunne, 1901, Greengrocer
32 Clonmel Travel, 1980’s-2011, Travel Agents ( & No. 33)
Sergeants Grocery & Sweet Shop ( -early 70’s), owned by M Walsh
E Walsh, 1930, Tea Rooms
Mary Milne, 1901, Drapery
William FitzGerald, 1846, Bakery
33 Clonmel Travel, 1980’s-2011, Travel Agents -( also No.32)
previous occupants ?
34 The Golden Harp, 1980’s-2011, Public House
Michael Hogan, 1911, Public House (aka “The Winchester Arms” & “Hogan’s Hotel”)
35 M.O.P.S., 2010, Hairdresser
Michael Hogan, 1911, Public House (aka “The Winchester Arms” & “Hogan’s Hotel”)
James Wright, 1846, Shoemaker/ Spirits Dealer
36 Fix N Go Phone, Repairs
J J Barber’s, 2012, Mens Barber Shop (now moved directly across street).
Please Mum, 2011, Childrens clothing
Joan Walsh 1960s – 70s, Sweetshop, lived over premises.
John Keller, 1846, Painter & Glazier, Plumber
Edward Buchannan, 1911, Hairdresser
37 Irene’s, 2000’s, Boutique
St. Joseph’s Laundry, Depot for main laundry in Morton St., late 1950’s to 1970’s approx.
Possibly was Boston cleaners, in 1950’s.
James Dempsey, Draper, 1930 (known date), until 1950’s
Margaret Dempsey, wife of above, Milliner, until 1970’s
38 Kelly’s Corner, 1990’s-2011, Sweetshop
Liam Roche, 1986, TV/Video Store
Helen Healy, 1965, Hairdressing Salon
The Milk Shop, 1940’s-1960’s, Milk and Ices
Mary Tobin, 1908-1930, Greengrocer (and as  Mary Dunne, 1901-1908)
Eliza Mann, 1846, Straw Bonnet Maker
39 O’Sullivan Insurances
O’Sullivan’s, 1950’s-1980’s, shop
Johanna Barrett, 1911, Shopkeeper
Other Occupants of Mitchel Street, whose addresses are not known.
Goldsborough & O’Brien, 1930, RadiosJohn Magner, c. 1900, TobacconistSophia McCarthy, 1846, Confectioner (supposedly No. 40)
Henry Ivers, 1846, Public House
Thomas Holmes, 1824, Bootmaker
James White, 1824, Grocery/Spirits
George Lyster, 1824, Painter/Glazier
Godfrey Clarke, 1824, Painter/Glazier
Dennis Maddin, 1824, Hardware
Philip O’Donel, 1824, Soap Boilers & Tallow Chandlers
James Estherby, 1824, Watchmaker

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